Markham & Co - Gift Of Sleep Letterbox Gift
Markham & Co - Gift Of Sleep Letterbox Gift
A little gift of sleep letterbox gift
Markham & Co Letterbox Gifts



Our Little Gift Of Sleep is the perfect gift for those in need of a dreamy night!

Perfectly wrapped up in our 'I'm so happy to see you box' and featuring a card too with your own hand written note.

Free Postage is also included on all our Letterbox Gifts.

- Made By Coopers Sleepyhead Bath Salt Blend

- Sleep by Lisa Varadi

- Spacemasks Self Heating Eye Mask

- Supertea Chamomile Thyme Relax Organic tea and Supertea English Breakfast Organic tea

- Complimentary hand written Markham & Co postcard

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  • Made By Coopers Sleepy Head Bath Salt Blend - 100g. Sleepy Head bath salt blend is infused with soothing lavender and frankincense and is perfect as part of your wind down routine, to prepare for a blissful night's sleep. Tip! Follow up with Sleepy Head beauty balm! Ingredients: epsom salt himalayan salt, lavender, frankincense essential oil, lavender buds. Key Ingredients: Epsom Salt - contains high levels of magnesium to relax the mind and soothe tired, stiff and aching muscles. Himalayan salt - contains 84 minerals to soothe and repair damaged skin and promote cell renewal. Lavender & Frankincense - a powerful combination of essential oils to help you to de-stress and unwind.
  • Sleep - Relax, replenish and rejuvenate with a new approach to sleep by Lisa Varadi. Sleep (the experience) nourishes both mind and body, allowing you to recover from the day gone by and replenish your energy for the day to come. Sleep (this book) guides you through the cultural and historical perspectives of shut-eye, explains why our body clocks are so important, and delves into the four stages of sleep. You'll learn about why it's so important to nourish the mind, what really goes on when you're dreaming and how to tackle the perpetual problem of insomnia.
  • Spacemasks Self Heating Eye Mask. Steal a much-needed moment of relaxation during a busy day, on a long haul flight, or at home before bed with these raved-about, peace-inducing Spacemasks. Designed to take its wearer to a new dimension of tranquillity, this self-warming, jasmine-scented eye mask is conveniently packed into a pocket-sized pouch, so you can get your fifteen minutes of blissful tranquillity, no matter the time or place.
  • Supertea Chamomile Thyme Relax Organic tea and Supertea Earl Grey Organic tea. Organically sourced and made in small in batches.-
  • Choose a Markham & Co. postcard - hand written with your personalised message
  • Wrapped in our Markham & Co. Signature 'I'm so happy to see you' letterbox parcel.