The ultimate luxury gift for friends and family, this beauty bundle is sure to go down a treat.

From Organic Facial Cleansing Clothes to beautiful products from spa brand Cowshed, this gift is the complete beauty bundle!

- Cowshed Little Treats 'Face'

- Cowshed Little Treats 'Body'

- CloudCloth Organic Facial Cleansing Clothes x3

- NailKind Vegan Nail Polish in 'Easy Sunday'

- Vitamasques Brightening Morning Goggle Eye Mask

- Spacemask Self-Heating Eye Mask

- Wrapped up in our Signature Markham & Co magnetic keepsake box with your choice of postcard for your own message

See below for additional product details.


  • Cowshed Little Treats - Body. Whether they go in your hand luggage or your handbag, you can put your trust in our set of mini body essentials. Featuring two of our favourite shower gels and one incredible body lotion, you can stay refreshed and rejuvenated even when you're away from home. Contains: Relax Bath & Shower Gel 30ml, Active Bath & Shower Gel 30ml and Relax Body Lotion 30ml.
  • Cowshed Little Treats - Face. Whether they go in your hand luggage or your handbag, you can trust in our set of mini skincare heroes. Our range is built upon natural ingredients and botanical extracts, which are as gentle as they are nourishing. Featuring our essential skincare routine, this set lets you care for your complexion even when you're away from home. Contains: Gentle Face Wash 30ml, Refreshing Toner 20ml and Daily Moisturiser 20ml.
  • Spacemasks Self Heating Eye Mask. Steal a much-needed moment of relaxation during a busy day, on a long haul flight, or at home before bed with these raved-about, peace-inducing Spacemasks. Designed to take its wearer to a new dimension of tranquillity, this self-warming, jasmine-scented eye mask is conveniently packed into a pocket-sized pouch, so you can get your fifteen minutes of blissful tranquillity, no matter the time or place.
  • CloudCloth® Organic Cleansing Cloths - 3 Pack. Thin and lightweight offering the same ergonomic benefits as a wipe, re-usable 100% organic cotton with a dual-purpose, two sides - use the soft napped side to massage cleanser into skin and the woven side to gently revive skin. Unlike most thicker cloths and flannels, CloudCloth doesn't pull or drag, gliding gently over the skin. Perfect reusable alternative to make-up wipes and cotton wool. Made in the UK. Want to know more... CloudCloth® is a skincare brand focused on improving the efficacy of fabric cleansing cloths, whilst also reducing the use of throw-aways. Suitable for all skin types and made from fine quality certified organic 100% cotton, their cloths have been created to form part of the everyday skincare routine, even for sensitive or challenging skin.
  • NailKind - Natural Vegan Nail polish in 'Easy Sunday' - Laid back, happy and at one with the world, this light, silvery grey colour makes every day as cool as Sunday morning. NailKind lead the way in natural nail care. Their industry-leading range that’s up to 85% bio-sourced, natural origin, vegan, animal + planet friendly AND has high performance, gorgeous colours that are also kind on nails. If you love intense shiny shades & conscious beauty & a bunch of natural caring ingredients, then you will love NailKind.
  • Vitamasques Brightening Morning Eye Mask - A cooling anti-pollution and blue light protection eye mask, designed to brighten the eye area and rescue puffy eyes. With the eyes generally in operation for over 15 hours a day, it’s fair to say they go through a lot. From staring at an office screen to intensely focusing on a smartphone, they can easily become exposed to harmful blue-light and pollution elements. Provide them with a source protection first thing with the Morning Goggle Eye Mask, which includes extracts of Silver, Caffeine, Pumpkin and Pomegranate to restore hydration and protect against daily environmental defences.
  • Markham & Co. Signature Keepsake Box - dimensions 21cm x 17cm x 9.5cm
  • Choice of postcard - hand written with your personalised message